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With this policy our purpose is to inform Users about their personal data collected by our Website follows “Application”). Treatment Co-Owner, as identified below, could change or update, all or only in part, this notice advising users. Changes and update will be binding as soon as they will be published on the Application. It is kinly request to Users to read this Privacy Policy at every access to the Application. In case of no accepting of changes made on this notice, Users have to end the use of this Application and can request to Treatment Co-Owners to cancel their Personal Data.

1. Personal Data collected through Application
Co-owners collect the following kind of Personal Data:

A. Content and data provided on purpose by Users

  • Contact information, references, contents: for example registry data, e-mail address or mail address and other contact data, password and security information used for account access, personal preferences and other personal content, etc.
  • Personal data collected by Social Media: Users can share with the Application information transmitted to social media. Users can control Personal Data wich Applicaton can access during consent to their social media account access and through privacy settings in the social media. Connecting account managed by social media with the Application and consent to Co-owner to access to these data, Users consent to acquisition, treatment and conservation of their data shared by social media according to this Privacy Policy.

Without consent from Users of some data, could be compromised the correct use of this Application. Users assume their commitment about Personal Data of third person shared through this Application and pledge to have the right to communicate or spread it, releasing Co-owner from any commitment to third persons. If processing of Personal Data is based to Users consent, they can revoke in any moment.

B. Data and content collected automatically during Application use

  • Technical Data: information tehnology sistems and software process of this Application could collect, during a normal session, some personal data which transmission is implicit int the use of internet communication register. These data are not collected to be linked to subject identified, but that for their nature could be, through processing and connection identify users. In this category we mean IP Addresses, domain name used by Users that connect to Application, URI adresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of request, file size, etc.
  • Usage Data: could be collected also Data about use of Application by Users, such as pages seen, actions, functions and services used.

C. Personal data collected through cookies or similar technologies
These data are saved to be passed to the same application from the next visit by the same user. Users can read Cookie Policy at this link:

These data are saved to be passed to the same application from the next visit by the same user. Users can read Cookie Policy at this link:

2. Purpose
Data collected can be used for the following purpose:

  • opinion and feedback
  • statistics only with anonymous data
  • email or newsletter and mailing list management
  • communication for promotional and commercial purpose

3. How we treat your data
Personal Data treatment is made by Information Technology and/or telematic tools, with organizational and logic ways directly connected to stated purposes.
In some cases, beyond Co-owners could access to data other subjects involved in organization of this Application that provide help in Application management and activity or that provide services to the User.

These subjects, if necessary, appointed as Responsible of Treatment by Co-owner, could access to users’ personal data every time it is necessary and will be contractually forced to maintain them reserved.
The updated list of Responsibles could be requested by e-mail at

4. Legal base of Treatment
Personal data treatment by Owner connected to User in case exists one of the following conditions:

  • Users give consent for one or more specific purposes: Treatment is necessary to the execution of one draft with User and/or execution of pre-contractual measures.
  • treatment is necessary for fullfil to a legal duty to which are subjected the Co-owner;
  • treatment is necessary for execution of a task of public interest or for exercise of public power of which are appointed the Co-owner;
  • treatment is necessary to prosecute legitimate interest of Co-owners or third subjects.

In any case is always possible request to Co.owners to explain the real legal base of each treatment.

5. Place
Data are treated in headquarter of the Co-owners and in any other place where each involved part in treatment are located. For more information, you can write to Co-owners at the following e-mail address

6. Security Measures
Treatment is mad following ways and with tools adequate to guarantee security and confidentiality of data, Owner confirm that uses technical and organizational measures adequate that ensure and consent to demonstrate that treatment is done following the rules.

7. Duration of data conservation
Co-owners will treat personal data only for the time necessary to fulfill purposes connected with the execution of contract between Co-owners and Users and, anyway, not other the duration of 10 years from the end of the relationship with Users.
When personal data treatment is necessary for the pursue of a Co-owners’ legitimate interest, personal data will be preserved until the compensation of that interest.
If personal data treatment is based on Users’ consent, Co-owners can prserve personal data until revoke.
Personal data could be preserved for longer time if it is necessary to fulfill a law requirement and following an authority directive.
All personal data will be cancelled at the end of time of preservation. At the end of this boundary the right of access, cancellation, adjustment and the right of data transfert could not be more executed.

8. Decisional automated processes
All data collected will not be object of any decisional automated process, outline included, that could produce legal effects for the person involved or that could affect on this person in a substantial way.

9. Users rights
Users can practice specific rights with connection to data treated by Co-owners. Especially, Users have right to:

  • cancel consent in every moment;
  • oppose to their data treatment;
  • access to their datai;
  • check and request data adjustment;
  • obtain restriction in treatment;
  • obtain cancellation or removal of their personal data;
  • receive their data or request to transfer them to another Owner;
  • send complain to GDPR autority and/or act legal branch.

To practice their rights, Users can send a request to Co-owner written in this page. Request do not have to be paid and Owner has to reply as soon as possible, in any case within 30 days.

In order to practice these rights, users can write to every Co-owner:

Aragorn srl, via Vittoria Colonna 49 – 20149 Milano,

Fondazione Mazzola, via Brera 7 – 20121 Milano,

Or contact us at

10. Treatment Co-owners
Treatment Co-owners are:

Aragorn Iniziative srl, headquarter in Milano, via Vittoria Colonna 49, Codice Fiscale / Partita IVA 11307780152, MI – 1455271, indirizzo e-mail, indirizzo PEC,

Fondazione Mazzola, con sede legale in Milano, via Brera 7, Codice Fiscale/Partita IVA 97827130150 – indirizzo e-mail, indirizzo PEC

Last Update: 25/05/2018